Learn about our special fabrics for orthopedics



Adapted to comfort and special needs

At E.Cima we produce a wide variety of fabrics. Each of them has different characteristics or properties depending on each application or functionality. Among all of them, in this article we want to introduce you to our fabrics for the orthopedic sector. Special fabrics for the manufacture of all types of orthoses, which provide solutions for mobility and autonomy and therefore improve the quality of life of the people who use them. .

Safety and comfort

Our fabrics, properly made by professionals in the orthopedic sector, provide functionality, both in terms of prevention and recovery of mobility, without losing comfort and safety to those who use them. A commitment to the well-being of those who use them based on the most precise textile technology.






More than 10 years helping people with orthopedics

We are dedicated to creating and developing textile solutions for our clients. E.Cima offers a great quality and variety of products: 3D fabrics, spacers, airmesh, microfibers, nubuck, suede, velours, loop velor, linings, openwork, block meshes, nets, elastic fabrics, velvets, polar linings, tracksuits, micro corduroys , foamed fabrics, resin-coated fabrics, circular fabrics… We manufacture more than 8 million meters of fabric per year. We export more than 70% of our production. We produce 35% of the electricity we use with solar energy, avoiding the emission of 43,776 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.