Cima, under your brand

‘Eco Cima’, achieves the STeP certificate

Supporting the values of sustainability in

fabric production.

At E.Cima we have always been clear that the production of any company, regardless of the sector to which it belongs, must meet certain parameters. Our commitment to “good practice” has led to a high level of awareness in relation to sustainability and the environment. Which has allowed us to obtain the STeP certificate issued by the International OEKO-TEX® Association.

Corporate responsability

Corporate responsibility has been a key element in obtaining this distinction. Our entire company works in compliance with the necessary standards to support these values of sustainability and environmental protection. The STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certificate has been the result of all this work that is hidden behind each of our products.

STeP: an added and distinctive value

When we talk about STeP we cannot ignore that it represents added value and a distinctive feature for the companies that have it. Having a certificate of these characteristics accredits sustainable and transparent production. In this sense, all our products are subject to auditing and certification processes in each and every one of their stages.






Bet on E.Cima and our professionalism

E.Cima we are a team of more than 120 people, working daily from our two production plants to offer you the best product. We manufacture more than 8 million meters of fabric per year. We export more than 70% of our production. We produce 35% of the electricity we use with solar energy, avoiding the emission of 43,776 kg of CO2to the the atmosphere. Want to know more about us?