Ecima collaborates

with the Binomis Job Placement Service

We make social inclusion possible for people with diverse abilities.

Ecima collaborates with SIL Binomis, through the SIOAS program (Comprehensive Guidance, Accompaniment and Support Services for people with Intellectual Disability and/or Mental Illness), subsidized by the Department of Labor and Business and the European Social Fund. The objective of this initiative is to make inclusion possible for people with diverse abilities, and for them to be part of the work environment in the companies participating in this initiative.

The objective is to recruit

The program is developed by the Binomis Job Placement Service, which belongs to the Heura del Vallès Private Foundation, in Terrassa. Training actions, job search, internships in companies, etc. are carried out. with the ultimate goal that the person ends up having a job in an Ordinary Company.


Roger, a success story!

Roger is one of the participants in the program, and since July 2021, he had carried out orientation, training and training practices in companies. With all this, it was possible to create a professional profile and detect their skills. When it was assessed that the profile was prepared to work, it was submitted to selection processes, conducting several interviews. At ECima we selected him to be part of the team at our Sabadell warehouse, as a warehouse worker, as was already done with Sergi, a boy who is also working at the Terrassa factory, as a maintenance assistant, since last year. .

To this day, both Roger and Sergi continue to be accompanied in their adaptation process. A follow-up is carried out, always having the insertion service and its job coach as a reference, to be able to work on any aspect that is considered. These supports, which at first are more intense and frequent, are progressively withdrawn, as the person manages themselves autonomously, thus ending up being just another worker.